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 Sandbox Rules

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PostSubject: Sandbox Rules   19th July 2011, 11:04 pm

The same rules apply to sandbox posting as they do to regular forum posting.

Admin wrote:
Welcome to Alternate Distraction!

The rules are short and simple:
  • No posting pornographic or sexual content
  • No harassment or hateful/abusive content
  • No content
  • No spam/phishing and/or malware websites
  • No real life specifics about anyone but yourself, unless given permission (this includes spouses, roommates, friends etc.)
  • Keep it legal

If you come across any post that breaks the rules, report it immediately.
Otherwise, the forums will be at risk of deletion.

All inactive topics (excluding announcements and stickies) will be deleted after 7 days of inactivity.

In order to make a guest post, you'll need to provide a username. This is not a permanent name, but you can reuse it or register an account with it later as you please. Keep in mind other guests could also use this name, so in order to secure your identity you will likely need an account. If you'd rather not specify a username, simply use "Anon."

I trust you all to stay within the rule limits, but if this forum is abused Admin will be forced to delete it.
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Sandbox Rules
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